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My desktop setup is a little much, but it works for me. If there's two things I'd describe myself as they are an avid PC gamer and an avid techie, and my desktop setup reflects that. I run two computers on this setup, one windows PC purely for gaming, and one thinkpad running OpenBSD for basically everything else.

I could just run one, but personally I can't stand dualbooting. I don't like downtime between switching activities, and while I respect those who can work with putty and run their infrastructures from a Windows setup, I personally can't stand it. So I maintain my technical workstation with an operating system that supports my workflow with the tools I need and nothing more.

Working View

I'll do a more comprehensive post around my workflow on my OpenBSD setup, however a highlevel overview of the things I use can be seen here:

Typical Workspace

That's basically it, the only other thing I use that you don't see here is my browser, which under OpenBSD, is Firefox. On a Linux setup, I'd opt for the latest Qutebrowser, however webengine hasn't been fully ported to OpenBSD and using the 0.7 version of Qutebrowser is a no go for me.

What you do see here though is the tiling window manager i3, with Vim in one terminal, an ssh connection to my VPS on another terminal, and mpv playing a twitch stream using a modified wrapper script based on the one from the fantastic /bin of Mitch Weaver.

That's basically my typical working setup. Vim for pretty much everthing from writing, to coding, to configuration of services and apps, Firefox for typical browsing and reference, usually an ssh connection or two, and a twitch stream for background noise and occasional laughs. This seems like a pretty basic setup, but a lot can be done with a little.

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