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I'm not really a networking guy, I'm a systems guy. I can deep dive a *nix os and troubleshoot with the best with them, but when it comes to networking I usually defer to the professionals I work with when it comes to the complex stuff. However that doesn't mean I don't know my fair share. I just prefer to spend my time working on my systems rather than my networking stack.

So for my home networking stack, I go with everything Ubiquiti. I've got a Ubiquity Security Gateway(router), Ubiquity Access Point(wifi), Ubiquiti Switch, and the Unifi Cloud Key(management controller) to tie it all together. This setup gives me enterprise level network tinkering where I want it, and plug and play ability where I don't.

Not to mention having the full stack can give you lots of pretty graphs and info to be queried easily from their metrics API built into the controller software.


I don't have anything too fancy going on with my network level outside of some Link Aggregation with my two servers to provide them maximum bandwidth so the apps perform as well as they can.

Link aggregation was a breeze to setup with the Ubi switch, just select the ports you want aggregated and you're done. Auto negotiation and the whole biz.

Don't really have much else to say here other than a shining endorsement for Ubiquiti products.

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