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Server Setup


Like most normal people, I have two servers in my home.

One compute node that runs all the applications I care to run on it, and one storage node that holds all of my precious data for those apps.

The compute node runs Centos 7, the storage node is the much loved FreeNAS for the wonderful filesystem that is ZFS.

Around the storage node there really isn't much to talk about, it's your typical FreeNAS setup with 12TB in RAIDZ2 leaving me with about 6TBs give or take a few hundred megabytes. I server up my volumes via NFS to my compute node and life is good.

The compute node is much more interesting in my opinion.

The hardware is a Xeon E3-1245v3 in a nice little Supermicro board, 32GB of ECC RAM, all packed into a nice Micro ITX form factor.

I've got both nodes running with bonded LAG interfaces so they have extra bandwidth between each other between reads and writes over the NFS mount.

The compute node itself I run a lot of different services and it handles up pretty well. I've got a media automation pipeline all installed and managed via Ansible as you can see here. This includes Plex and a plethora of usenet interfacing containers.

Additionally it's my main node in my Syncthing mesh so I can share all the files I care about having wherever I am and on whatever device I may be working on.

Additionally I have docker containers running a monitoring suite for my whole home infrastructre. These include Prometheus and Graphana. I have node-exporter running on the node itself, along with cadvior container for feeding container metrics into prometheus.

docker monitoring

The node itself also runs my unifi-exporter to grab metric about my entire network stack from the Unifi controller. Since my entire network stack is all Unifi devices, this allows a nice single aggregation point for anything and everything I'd like to know about my network devices. Really quite handy.

network monitoring

I'm sure I'll go more into depth in some other posts about these various services and how I use them, but for now I feel that's a good overview. You can contact me directly if you'd like to know more.

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